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Welcome to Supreme Custom Homes, a family-run business that specializes in the construction of custom shipping containers. We create remarkable living spaces using a combination of 20 to 40-foot shipping containers, combining artistry and expertise to create modern, practical homes that are works of beauty.
We have developed our expertise to become pioneers in containerized solutions after more than ten years of experience. Our extensive knowledge in containerization provides you with an excellent avenue for analysis, whether you’re considering a foray into the world of holiday rentals through the means of customized container homes or looking for creative solutions for future events or meetings. We use the lively energy of the city to inspire our creativity and innovation because we are located right in the center of Atlanta, Georgia.


  1. Basic Warranty Package: Our Basic Warranty Package is intended to cover the crucial components of your container home. This package gives you peace of mind about the structural integrity of your home by guaranteeing that it is free from flaws in the materials and workmanship.
  1. Extended Warranty Package: Our Extended Warranty Package provides thorough security for customers looking for an additional layer of safety. This option provides coverage for particular systems, components, and even some cosmetic components in addition to the advantages of the Basic Package, providing a more thorough safety for your investment.

    3. Premium Warranty Package: The pinnacle of comprehensive security is our Premium Warranty Package. In addition to providing coverage to a larger selection of parts and amenities inside your container home, it includes everything covered in the Basic and Extended Packages. For customers looking for the highest level of assurance and coverage, this package is designed.


  • Structural Guarantee: For a span of 3 years starting from the purchase date, we assure the absence of defects in materials and craftsmanship in the structural components of your container home. This assurance encompasses the core structural elements, which encompass the walls, roof, foundation, and supporting beams.
  • Systems Assurance: For a period of 1 year from the date of purchase, we provide coverage for the primary systems within your container home, which encompass electrical, plumbing, and HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning). This coverage ensures the proper functionality of these systems, and any defects or workmanship issues leading to their malfunction will result in repairs or replacements.
  • Added Protection: For a duration of 1 year commencing from the date of purchase, we extend coverage to specific components and features of your container home, such as windows, doors, flooring, and exterior finishes. This protection guards against defects, deterioration, and failures arising from regular use and maintenance.


4. Customized Warranty Solutions: We also give you the freedom to design a Customized Warranty Solution for container homes since we understand that every homeowner has different demands and preferences. Together, choose the particular areas you want covered, and we’ll create a warranty package that perfectly fits your needs.


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