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1. Flexible Payment Plans: We provide alternatives that fit your budget, whether set monthly payments or a personalized plan are what you’re looking for.
2. Competitive Interest Rates: Take advantage of low-interest rates that make financing your container house a sensible decision.
3. Personalized Loan Packages: Together, you and a member of our knowledgeable finance team will develop custom loan packages that meet your particular needs.
4. Fast & Easy Application Process: An easy-to-use application procedure simplifies the paperwork and brings you that much nearer to purchasing your ideal container house.
5. No Hidden Charges: The key is transparency. You’ll start out with a clear awareness of the fees related to your loan.
6. Down Payment Options: You can select the down payment plan that best suits your financial circumstances from among those we provide. Our objective is to offer flexibility while taking your budget into consideration.
7. Loan Assistance & Support: We’re available to assist you with the application process, respond to your inquiries, and give you ongoing support.
8. Quick Approval: Time is of the essence, and we strive meticulously to guarantee that you receive responses in a timely manner.

What Financial options is right for you?


Let Acorn serve as the foundation of your financial plan as you and Supreme Custom Homes set off on your transforming container home journey. Your dream of owning a container home is not only within reach thanks to our dedication to individualized service, affordability, and flexibility, but it also opens the door to an extraordinary and fulfilling existence. Take advantage of the Acorn and move forward with assurance in building your dream container.


Transform your goals into reality with Loan Glide, your partner in smooth and hassle-free financing. At Supreme Custom Homes, we recognize that finding flexible funding solutions may be necessary along the way to your ideal shipping container home. Whether you’re interested in one of our cozy 20-foot models or need extra money to finish the process of getting your own container home, Loan Glide offers the ideal combination.


Take your container house adventure to the next level with New Silver’s specialized financing options, created only for your goals for a Supreme Custom house. As a leader in cutting-edge financing, New Silver perfectly complements your goals by providing a variety of solutions

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